We view Refineries as members of the communities where they exist, providing safe jobs, significant tax contributions, and necessary energy to fuel California’s local and state economy.

We believe California refineries can operate safely, reliably and be environmentally responsible in producing the cleanest burning gasoline in the United States.

Refineries are some of the safest places to work in the US. Refineries are safer than other industries, such as vehicle manufacturing, residential construction, and a whole host of other jobs.* The highly regulated safeguards and protocol levels within the workplace at refineries across California in turn assure that the surrounding community is kept safe.

California refineries follow strong safety guidelines that meet or exceed government rules and regulations. Refinery workers are our neighbors, and they wouldn’t go to work each day if it weren’t safe – for them, and for our communities.

*Source: 2015 OSHA recordable injury frequencies, # of injuries per 100 workers/year

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